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How much is a used laptop in Uganda

How much is a used laptop in Uganda - Prices of second hand laptops in Uganda

If you plan to buy a used laptop in Uganda, then knowing the average price of a second hand laptop in Uganda will save you from getting fleeced by sellers who pounce on any ignorance.

A friend paid 1.3 million for a used laptop from a shop on Kampala road only to find a laptop with the same specs at UGX600 000 in another shop. She’s not alone; hundreds of unsuspecting laptop buyers get fleeced in Kampala every day because they have no idea of a second hand laptop price in Uganda.


How much is a used laptop in Uganda?

What determines the price of a used laptop in Uganda

Generally, the cost of a used laptop in Uganda depends on the specifications of the second hand laptop and the seller.

If you want to know which laptop is good for you, read our guide on buying laptops.

However, each seller prices their laptops to cover costs and make profits; so, there is often a tiny variance in price from shop to shop. But it shouldn’t be a wide gap like in the case of my friend who got fleeced.

Specifications of the used laptop

The more feature-rich and powerful a laptop is, the higher the price.

Often RAM, the processor, and hard disk size determine the price of a used laptop in Kampala, Uganda.

RAM (Memory): The more RAM, the higher the price.

Hard Disk Space: The more hard disk space, the higher the price. The type of hard disk also matters – laptops with SSD drives are more expensive than those with regular HDDs

But the most important feature is the processing power of the laptop.


Most laptops in the Ugandan market come with processor configurations of Intel core i7, i5, i3, and Pentium gold.  Core i7 laptops are the most expensive, followed by Pentium gold or Duo Core laptops that are averagely priced, then Celeron laptops being the cheapest used laptops in Uganda.

Within the processor classification, you will also find the processors’ generation (think of generations as versions)—the lower the generation, the lower the price of the used laptop.

For instance, our used HP Probook 4530s with a 2nd Generation Core i5 processor goes for 1,100,000, while the used HP EliteBook Folio with a 4th Generation Core i5 processor goes for 1,700,000. Of course, there are other differences between these laptops besides the processor versions.

Under processors, second hand laptops with AMD processors are available in the market, with a slightly higher price than Intel-powered laptops.

Graphics Card

Another feature that affects the price of used laptops is the graphics card and RAM of the graphics card. Laptops with dedicated graphics cards are a lot more expensive than those without.

Physical condition of the used laptop

It’s dumb to ignore the cosmetic look of the laptop. Some second hand laptops look as good as new. They are scratch-free; when juxtaposed with a new laptop, you wouldn’t tell the difference. (Talking of that, beware some laptop dealers in Kampala sell used laptops as new laptops)


Some brands are more expensive than others.  Second hand Apple laptops are as costly as the new Apple laptops.

Like Dell, HP has averagely the same price, followed by used Lenovo laptops, which costs slightly lower than used HP and Dell laptops of the exact specifications.

A brand like Acer or any of the other lesser-known brands is often cheaper.


Ever since the ban of used laptops in Uganda, there has been a limited stock of used laptops. The fewer sellers have used laptops, the higher the market price.

Now to answer your question,how much is a used laptop in Uganda?

Prices of second hand laptops in Uganda

To make it simple, we’ll use the processing power of the laptop to gauge the second hand laptop price in Uganda

The price of Duo Core or Core 2 Duo used laptops in Uganda range between 550,000 to 750,000

The price of Intel Core i3 used laptops range from 750,000 to 1,300,000

The cost of Intel Core i5 used laptops range from 900,000 to 2,000,000

The price of Intel Core 17 used laptops range from 1,700,000 – 2,700,000

You will find the other features like hard disk space, RAM, and the laptop’s cosmetic look will significantly determine the final price of a used laptop in Uganda.

In terms of brands.

The price of used Dell laptops range from 500,000 to 2,700,000

The cost of used HP laptops range from 850,000 – 2,600,000

The price of used Lenovo laptops range from 700,000 – 2,800,000

Note: these are prices for good used laptops in Kampala, Uganda; there is a lot of trash in the market if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Where to buy used laptops in Uganda

Poa Appliances sells used laptops in Uganda. We are based in Kampala but can deliver second hand laptops across Uganda.

Look around our online computer shop for a range of used laptops then get in touch.

Find what you like? You can come to our locations, or we can come to you.

Our laptops come with a warranty in a good cosmetic condition – some look as good as new.

Last thoughts on buying used laptops in Kampala, Uganda.

Most people buy used laptops because of the perceived lower price compared to brand new laptops.

But it doesn’t mean you should ignore the reliability of the second hand laptop. That is why I don’t recommend buying used laptops below 500,000 unless you buy them from someone you know, a laptop dealer you trust and are willing to guarantee your purchase.

In this guide, I’ve shown you;

What determines the price of used laptops in Uganda

And the prices of second hand laptops in Uganda

When you shop with this knowledge, you reduce your chances of getting fleeced.

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