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How to buy the right laptop computer that will serve you.

Are you out shopping for a new laptop? Great. This quick guide on how to buy the right laptop computer will help.

This laptop buying guide will save you the angst of new buyers who, shortly after parting with their hard-earned cash for a laptop, trade the new-buyers excitement with frustration.

A new laptop user or buyer is often at the mercy of the salesman.

The salesman has one job, to get you to spend money. Few care if you buy a laptop that will do its job or not.

If you are a new buyer, this is how you buy the right laptop.

How to buy the right laptop

Know your needs.

The most important thing to know when buying a laptop computer is your needs.  If you don’t, a seller will assume for you.

The market is flooded with all kinds of laptops, entry-level laptops, high-end laptops, Macs, and Windows machines, and not any computer will work for you.

It can be confusing to a new buyer which laptop to buy, but if you step back and consider your needs, it should be easier.

What do you intend to use the laptop for? Are you a student or office person who just wants to use the laptop for clerical work? Or you want to use the computer to run some industry-specific software? Are you always on the move or find yourself stuck in one place for long?

Your needs fall in any one of these three categories.

Low requirements needs.

Most students and clerical office workers fall in this category.

Typically, most students only need laptops to type their coursework, watch movies, and who knows what else kids do behind their screens.

The same applies to most office personnel; all they do all day is punch keys to Excel or Microsoft word, then browse the internet during office hours.

Low requirements mean that you don’t need a very powerful laptop to do your tasks.

A laptop computer with 500GB hard-disk space, Duo Core Processor, 2-4GB Ram will do the job for such users.

Your average spend should be between UGX 1.3Million to 1.65Million for a new laptop and 600,000 to 1.2Million for a used laptop.

Medium requirement needs

Users who fall in this category need a lot more from their laptop computers than the low requirement users.

Here we have users who need to run a relatively system hungry application.

A laptop with 4GB-8GB of RAM and a 500GB – 1TB hard disk space will work well for such users.

For processing power, consider a laptop with an intel core i3 or i5 or its equivalent.

How much such a laptop costs will be between Ugx 1.8M – 2.6M for a new laptop and Ugx 1M-1.6M for a used laptop

High requirement needs

At the end of the spectrum are users who need to extract as much juice from a laptop computer for their work.

Typical cases are users running high-end graphics programs, like gamers or architects running applications like AutoCAD, graphic designers using photoshop, video editors, or music producers running software that pushes devices to their limits.

Often such users, require computers that come with more than 8GB RAM, 2TB+ disk space; they need laptops with processors equivalent to or higher than Intel Core i7, laptops with dedicated graphics cards, laptops with long battery hours (5+ hours)

The average cost for a high-end computer in Kampala is between UGx2.8M – 15Million for a new laptop and 1.7million to 4Million for a used laptop.

Your budget

The second important thing to consider when buying a new laptop computer is your budget.

Often the more performance you need from a laptop, the more money you need.

So, often a tradeoff has to be made.

The low spec machines are cheaper than the high-end devices but will crumble when running system-hungry software.

If you are super tight on budget but need a good laptop, consider a second-hand laptop.

Here at Poa Appliances, we import and sell used laptops in Uganda. Our laptops are high quality and come with a warranty.

Brand preference.

Yes, every customer is biased to a certain brand; some will only you Apple products, others think it’s got to be Dell, others are all in with HP, then some think it’s got to be Lenovo. Whichever the case, if you stick to the major brands, you will often find that they all have computers that will do the trick.

I love Apple products, but guess what? Macbooks aren’t cheap. If you can’t shell over UGX5 Million for a good MacBook, then stick with Dell or HP or Lenovo, or Acer

Once you nail down on your requirements often constrained by your budget, there are other –what may seem -minor things to consider; color, touch-screen, wifi, webcam, and more.

The advantage is that with the advancement of technology, all these specs are becoming standard with every laptop, except, of course, if you want a pink laptop, it’s got to be pink.